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Name:Will Turner
Will Turner, son of 'Bootstrap' Bill Turner, wanted very little in life. In fact, he only really wanted one thing: to marry Elizabeth Swann

It took eight years and an abduction by a damned pirate crew, before he plucked up the courage to ask her. Their marriage was further delayed by a certain Dead Man's Chest, and he made great sacrifice for his goal At World's End.


Will has black shoulder-length hair, usually tied away from his face by a bandana. His shirt often falls open, showing a deep scar where his heart should be, and should you catch a sight of his back, he has a network of scars there, too.

He no longer sets foot in the Bar, or on the shore at all, bound by his Duty to never leave his ship, the Flying Dutchman, which is occasionally to be found in the Caribbean inlet in the lake. He is quite dead, his soul bound to his ship, and anyone with any sensitivity at all to this kind of thing should be able to identify it as a ghost ship.


Will Turner is a fictional character. I do not own him. This is an RP journal for entertainment purposes only
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