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It's entirely possible, after his most recent conversation with Jack, that Will had words with Bar about maybe paying Jack's way in the bar for him. After all, he does feel somewhat responsible for him.

And it's not like he can't afford it: the forge is pulling in good business. There's the farrier work at a fairly steady constant, and of course there's the swords.

He's working on a sword commission right now, as it happens: he had to replace the one Jack stole and he promised Stephanie he'd make her one to learn on. So that's where he is, bent over his anvil and drawing out a perfectly balanced rapier.
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Mal's never been to the forge, and he goes today on business.

A short knock on the doorframe, and there's a head of dark brown hair peeking inside, looking for the blacksmith of the forge of Milliways.

"Hello? Wei?"
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"Shi a. Yes -- Name's Mal Reynolds, I own Tequila, the Waler in the stables? I wanted to talk to you 'bout maybe gettin 'on a different style o' shoe for him."
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Mal takes the hand proffered, returning, "Thank you very much -- I don't get to ride 'im as much as I'd like to, but with the weather warmin' up I thought it was about time I go lookin' for the man keeping such good care o' him."

Glancing over Will's shoulder, "Though I gather farrier ain't your day job."
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"I see -- I've never done well with the whole swords bit. Guns work better in my day job anyhow."
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"Freelance trade," Mal's normal response when someone in Milliways might not appreciate the full job description.

After a second, he judges that Will might just not care.

"My friends tend to call it pirating."
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"That so? Anyone about here?"
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Mal laughs.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to laugh at you, 's just -- Jack Sparrow 'n myself have pulled a job or two together. Hai dao and all."
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"Chinese for 'pirate'. It's a bilingual 'verse, back home. One o' the ways Jack and I started talkin, actually -- he's got a fair good accent."
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"That he is."

Mal clears his throat, not quite sure how to get back to the original topic. He's never really been one for appropriate segues.

"If I interrupted your process o' making other things for folk, I can come back later."

See? He's genial.
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"That I did -- with the weather gettin' nice and all, I want to get Tequila back into barrelling, and I noticed this morning when we were out that his studs are near worn down, and I was hopin' for a second opinion on the idea of whether he should get new shoes or just boots, seein's how I don't get him out as often as I'd like."
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"Alright then," Mal agrees. "It's not an emergency by no means, but the next time you are workin' on something a little less weapon-y, it'd be a kindness if you can see what you'd do with Tequila."
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"Xiexie Will."

Mal heads back toward the door.

"Say wei at Jack to me, would ya?"