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The Flying Dutchman has a task to fill. One that it neglected for countless years under the Captaincy of Davy Jones. But now, with Will Turner as captain, the legendary ghost ship is working through the task of ferrying souls that should have been escorted to the afterlife years ago. Men, women and children adrift in an endless sea, sometimes floating below the surface, sometimes in boats.

And sometimes, like this one, most of the entire crew of a ship, crowded together in two or three dinghies.

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He's been doing his duty. Helped to escort the dead aboard the Dutchman with all the kindness and dedication the job demands. But these dead... these dead he's not sure he can face.

Norrington's standing, still, silent and very pale, at the top of the stairs leading to the crew quarters.

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He has his orders, then, and he's not about to ignore them even this time. But he's still moving like a man in a nightmare when he comes forward to obey.

He can't look at the men in the boat.
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Norrington's face is still white, and there's no smile of greeting. He does offer a hand to the next man to climb up, though he can't meet his eyes.

"You'll be taken from here to... whatever comes next."

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The procession of men continues, up and over the side of the ship. And then, almost inevitably, the next man to take Norrington's hand and haul himself aboard is one he recognises in particular - younger than the others, small and thin in a midshipman's uniform.

"Oh God. I'm sorry. The words seem to come out of their own accord, barely audible.

The young man looks at him blankly.

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"I'm so sorry", he says again to the young man, voice stronger now. "I never meant... I didn't know. That you were here. And then that dream... but now... you'll go where you're meant to be."

Will's probably never seen him quite this out of sorts.

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Norrington watches him go, eyes desolate, then turns back to the men climbing over the side, just in time to meet a fist to the jaw.

He can hardly blame the man behind it. It's not as if it's insubordination, not any more, so he just looks at his feet, feeling the spot gingerly.

"I'm sorry", he says a third time, loud enough for them all to hear now. "It was all my fault."

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The man looks between captain and crewman, considering, then shakes his head.

"He knows. It'll do for me."

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Norrington takes a step back, at that, and watches the rest of the men - his men - board the ship.

It doesn't take all that long.

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"...are there." It's typically dry, but not a refusal. "I have to admit, after that, I do rather feel the need."

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"I'd be glad to, Captain." He takes a step away from the rail, in the direction of the cabin, but he'll let Will go in first. It's only proper.

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"What else could I do?" he asks quietly. "There was still the duty, and I owed it to them."

Among other things, but that was the only one he could give them.

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Norrington takes it and drinks approximately half of it without stopping.

"Thank you."

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"Just a little", he says wryly. "It hadn't quite occurred to me that I'd be facing my former crew, when I agreed to join yours."