turned_captain: (touch of destiny)
Will Turner ([personal profile] turned_captain) wrote2007-10-31 10:14 am

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After encountering Destiny in his cabin, Will emerges onto the deck with a thoughtful expression, his fingers playing with the locket that rests against his scarred chest.

It's worth a try.

"Prepare to go under," he announces top the crew as he strides up to the helm and takes the wheel.

He's done this countless times before, so have his crew. They know what it's about. Only this time, as the ship pitches forward to sink under, Will grips his charm with Elizabeth's hair tightly, and offers a quick prayer. To Calypso, to Destiny, to Elizabeth herself.

Take me to where the dead and the living can co-exist. To where we can be together.

He looks to catch Norrington's eye when they sink in, and is only partly surprised when most of the crew seem to disappear as they re-emerge in an inlet in a very familiar lake.

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