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Will surprises himself with how easily he takes to the job.

His first act as Captain is to release everyone of their obligation to Jones, and many of his crew are quick to take it. Jones was a cruel Captain and they'd committed to a hundred years under him without really meaning it: choosing servitude out of a fear of death. When Will offers them release from this bond, they take it readily, and as the Dutchman sails away from Elizabeth, the sky lights up with a green flash as the souls enslaved to the ship are paid for their service with a second chance at life.

It's the men who choose to stay, like his father, that surprise Will and fill him with a sense of satisfied gratitude. He'd be the first to admit that his dedication to his duty was very much trying to keep him occupied so he didn't have to think too hard on the woman he left behind. The importance of what he is charged with goes some way to waylaying the despair of not being able to see her, and the gentle surge of the sea against the ship of his soul is a nearly adequate replacement for the hole where his heart should be beating.

The Dutchman is his mistress now, but she's a poor replacement for his wife.

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There's a long line of faces waiting to board.

One of them is more familiar than most.

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"I hardly think I merit that title now", is the only response before he takes Will's hand and steps onto the deck. "Good day, Captain Turner. Or is it night?"

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That makes him look up, the movement sharp.

"She lives, then? You won?"

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Norrington isn't smiling, but his relief is clear.

"Then at least I achieved something worth the name, at the last."

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Norrington looks startled - he knows Will never liked him, and had little reason to, let alone to make such an offer - but then he turns to follow the other man's gaze, and he knows there's only one choice he can make.

"When I was a boy", he says softly, "I wanted nothing more than a life on the seas, forever. At least, a lifetime seems forever, when you're twelve years old and new out in the world. I thought it would be freedom." He looks up at Will. "I was wrong. But now, it seems I have the chance to truly sail forever. Yes, Captain Turner. I'll join you."

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Norrington smiles, now, setting the past aside along with his mortal life in a conscious decision, and clasps Will's hand.

"Where do I start?"
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On a higher deck of the Dutchman, the elder William Turner stands and watches.

He barely remembers his last encounter with the man, but he remembers enough to know that here too is a debt.

As the two men below clasp hands, Bootstrap slowly starts toward them.

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Even with this... change of status, he can still follow protocol. His bow is deep and formal: this is not his ship. He's here by the good grace of its captain.

"Mr. Turner."

The former Pirate Lord of Singapore has nothing left to offer but his humility.

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Ah yes: Western temperament. He reels from the blow, testing the corner of his lip with the back of his hand but of course, things have changed now. There is no blood to flow.

"Captain." It seems as if there is little to say. Is he to apologize for being a man?

He thinks not.

Still, he has admiration for a man -- pirate or not -- who takes duty seriously and, face still smarting from the blow, bows again. This time, though, he keeps one eye on Captain Turner. He does not wish to be hit again.

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"I am honored to be on your ship, Chuán Zhǎng. Correct me if I am wrong, but we would be heading toward... the unknown with great certainty?"

He doesn't remember much: simply that there was a battle and then there was nothing. There is no pain associated with it, and certainly no great emotion. Still, there is a hunger for knowledge. All pirates have it and hold it and to rob the curiosity and wanderlust from a pirate is to truly kill him.

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But of course.

"I understand." It has been a long time since he sailed a ship as a passenger, but this is fitting. It brings him back to his humble and unexceptional beginnings. There's only one thing to do before he's escorted away, as he surely will be. Meeting the captain's eyes, he nods slightly.

"In Singapore, we take great stock in pride and value saving face. In this regard, I see I made a grievous error and also made certain assumptions I might not have made had things been... clearer. I wish to undo any misunderstandings between us that might have arisen from the heat of the moment."

From the bottom of his piratical heart, this is the closest he will come to an apology. He turns his eyes to the sky: even in death, such an admission pains him greatly. Things, however, must be put right.

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Good. He takes his last look around at the world on deck.

"I am glad." If his gladness matters, it has been put forth. If it doesn't matter, the words will simply evaporate into the ether as words are wont to do. "Good day to you, Captain, and my gratitude for the passage."

With a last look at Will Turner, he allows himself to be led below deck, into the bowels of the Flying Dutchman. It is a place he never imagined himself being, but he finds himself unable to deny the lure and pull of this final journey on such a legendary ship.

Soon, all on board will be at peace. It's a tempting concept, peace. He wonders how it will feel after a lifetime of turmoil. His one most selfless deed was to make her Captain and he's glad to know she's survived: it's curious how pride takes a back seat to death.

Only time will tell what lies ahead.

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He has waited so long. Time has no meaning in this place of stars and gently lapping waves, but he knows it's been longer than it should have been.

When he sees Will, his absent smile becomes more genuine.

"Is that you, Will? Is Elizabeth with you still?"

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"Oh good. Very good."

He stares at the rope. It's time to do something, he feels, besides sit and rock and wait.

He reaches for it.

"But we're not."

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He takes it, allowing himself to be pulled on board.

Elizabeth is safe. He's ready to go now.

"I'm sorry to hear, Will. Not about your position, but about your state of existence. It's a worthy job to- I say, is this the Flying Dutchmen?"

Well, maybe not ready to go this exact moment.

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He looks around in wonder. The lad's done a fine job with the ship.

"Then everything turned out alright? Aside from our respective deaths, of course?"

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He places a hand on Will's shoulder. "I'm sorry that part didn't turn out right. But I'm so very glad you came for me. Where will I go? Is Caroline waiting for me? She is, isn't she?"

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He nods.

"Well. I suppose there's nothing for it then. Lead the way."

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It's a welcome turn of events. His end was brutal, and his limbo unsettling.

Now his path is before him, and he has fine company as he awaits the final step of his journey.