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Will Turner ([personal profile] turned_captain) wrote2006-09-29 07:36 pm

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There was discussion. There was planning. There was irritating and patronising dismissal of anything Will had to say, despite everything he'd been through, everything he'd all but led them through. But they did listen on occasion, even if they pretended not to.

And then he noticed Elizabeth had slipped away, into the shadows near the back.

Will wonders what she's doing back there. Weeping probably; the man she loved has just given his life to save hers, after all.

And to save Will's.

He wonders if she'd ever look like she does now, if he had died. He wonders if she ever really loved him, or has always been in love with Jack, the pirate, the romance, and the sea.

He's brought back into the present by the feeling of eyes on him, although the talking of Barbossa and Gibbs hasn't let up. Casting about, he finds Tia Dalma's steady gaze fixed on him, before those black eyes dart to the shadows where Elizabeth has vanished.

It's not hard for Will to decide what to do. Whatever she feels for him, he still loves her, and she's still hurting so much he can feel it. He's still her fiance, after all, and he still loves her more than he can bear, even if she mourns another man.

Quietly, he slips away from the conversation towards the dark shadows at the back of the cabin.

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