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It didn't take long to break out of the brig. If Will was in his right mind, he might question the stupidity of locking him up in a brig like that when his ability to break out of cells is pretty much what got them all into this mess in the first place, nearly two years ago. But Will isn't in his right mind.

His plan was destroyed. Elizabeth is lost. To Sao Feng, that pirate Lord who tortured Will with near drowning, and who looked at the woman he loves with such animalistic lust. Will's only hope to save his father, by gaining control of the Black Pearl, has failed, and the fastest ship known to sail is now in control of the most selfish excuse for a pirate ever to return from Davy Jones' Locker.

Will's last hope is to complete his betrayal, and lead Becket and Jones to Shipwreck Cove itself, there for one final barter for the lives of Elizabeth and his father. And right now, he has no care at all for how he does it.

Most of the men crewing the Black Pearl now were never loyal to Jack. They were Sao Feng's men, given over to Will as part of the plot to gain the Black Pearl. Will's surprised Barbossa and Jack allowed them to stay - but then, they still needed some men to crew the ship. Nevertheless, for a while Will considered them his men, and he feels no remorse at all as he sneaks up each one he finds alone, kills him cleanly with his father's knife before lashing the body to an empty keg. Haulling it overboard, Will trusts the scavenging sea birds will be enough to lead Beckett on their trail.

Everything Will has ever done in his dreams with Elizabeth, to Sao Feng is doing forcibly, at knife and gun point in his every waking thought. Will almost takes pleasure in killing that man's crew.
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The voice floats on the salt breeze, coming from above.

"You escaped the brig even quicker than I expected."

Jack's reclining comfortably against the length of the bowsprit, watching him.
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Jack sighs.


He grabs a rope and pulls himself to his feet, swaying slightly as he starts to make his way along the wood toward the deck below.

"Do you notice anything?"
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"Or rather," Jack continues, very reasonably, "do you notice something that isn't there to be noticed?"

He's nearly reached the railing now, and pauses there, looking to Will for an answer.
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"Odd, isn't it?"

A beat, and he waves one hand at the deck below-- quite pointedly including the dead man bound to the barrel before Will.

"Though not as odd as this." There's something wearily resigned in Jack's tone as he adds,

"Come up with this all by your lonesome, did you?"
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"And this is what you've arrived at?" He waves again at the dead body.

"Lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove, so as to gain his trust and accomplish your own ends?"

A beat, and Jack sounds flabbergasted-- although there's a quick, nearly-hidden flicker of amusement in the black eyes.

"It's like you don't know me at all, mate."
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Jack nods approval, eyeing Will carefully.

"... and how does your dearly beloved feel about this plan?"
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There's an utter lack of surprise in his voice.

"You've not seen fit to trust her with it."

Jack reaches the end of the bowsprit and hops nimbly to the deck below, then comes up beside Will.
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Quietly and with a strangely rough certainty, Jack informs him,

"Mate, if you choose to lock your heart away, you'll lose it for certain."

He turns away from Will and strolls over to the outside wall of his cabin, reaching for a dangling line as he adds,

"But if I might lend a machete to your intellectual thicket-- avoid the choice altogether."

Jack's looking at the rope as he runs his hand over it, and not at Will.

"Change the facts." He half-turns, addressing his words to the open air between the two of them. "Let someone else dispatch Jones."
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There's an odd little smile playing over his face.

Jack slants a sideways look at Will, waiting.
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He starts to say something, then stops. Jack changes his direction both in words and outwardly as he walks over to confide,

"Death has a curious way of reshuffling one's priorities."

A beat.

"Now. I slip aboard the Dutchman, find the heart, stab the beating thing-- your father goes free from his debt, and you're free to be with your charming murderess."

The sardonic weight on the final words is clear, but Jack doesn't sound any less sincere for it as he finishes his proposal and looks expectantly at Will.
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"No, mate. I'm free forever."

It's said with absolute finality, and it's unlikely Will's ever seen Jack look quite this certain.

"Free to sail beyond the edges of the map," he continues, throwing one hand out wide to indicate that mysterious unknown distance.

"Free from death itself."
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Jack looks visibly unnerved as he raises a protective hand and strokes his own braided beard.

"I don't have the face for tentacles."

A breath, and a quick, wry smile. "But immortal has to count for something, aye? Oh--"

He reaches to his side, deftly unworking a complicated knot, and then holds out his compass.

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A tiny smirk appears on his face as he watches Will with the compass.

"Think like me. It'll come to you."

Jack studies him for a second, then leans forward and blows out a breath -- straight into the other man's face.
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A moment later there's a second splash, as Jack pushes the keg with its deceased passenger over the side.

He leans out over the rail and touches two fingers to his hat in mocking salute as he calls out,

"My regards to Davy Jones!"
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(dead men tell no tales)

There's no answer from Will's silent companion.

Nor is there any cry of alarm raised from the ship. The Black Pearl sails off into the night, leaving Will Turner behind.