Oct. 21st, 2007

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Will surprises himself with how easily he takes to the job.

His first act as Captain is to release everyone of their obligation to Jones, and many of his crew are quick to take it. Jones was a cruel Captain and they'd committed to a hundred years under him without really meaning it: choosing servitude out of a fear of death. When Will offers them release from this bond, they take it readily, and as the Dutchman sails away from Elizabeth, the sky lights up with a green flash as the souls enslaved to the ship are paid for their service with a second chance at life.

It's the men who choose to stay, like his father, that surprise Will and fill him with a sense of satisfied gratitude. He'd be the first to admit that his dedication to his duty was very much trying to keep him occupied so he didn't have to think too hard on the woman he left behind. The importance of what he is charged with goes some way to waylaying the despair of not being able to see her, and the gentle surge of the sea against the ship of his soul is a nearly adequate replacement for the hole where his heart should be beating.

The Dutchman is his mistress now, but she's a poor replacement for his wife.


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Will Turner

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