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Will Turner ([personal profile] turned_captain) wrote2007-07-31 04:49 pm

OOC: AWE Casting Call

Hi, everyone, and thank you for your interest!

The method of running through canon for At World's End is going to be different from the 'every scene played out' technique we used for Dead Man's Chest, and we have a much greater in-bar population of canon characters, but we still do need a number of volunteers to play characters not currently in the bar population.

Playing will start ASAP, with the idea of posting the threads in movie-chronological sequence and posting them as they're done. We hope to run through movie events in fairly short order; i.e. no more than two weeks at the absolute most. There's an outline, which will be unlocked to all participants as soon as we have them. If you do not have the time to commit to that schedule -- I know it's pretty close, and I'm sorry -- then I must ask that you please, please do not volunteer.

Yes, a lot of that was paraphrased from last year's casting post. We're doing the same thing, offering the following list, and asking you to comment in with the character you are interested in as well as a rough idea of your schedule. Comments are screened.

Thank you all in advance!

AWE NPC Cast List
Larger Roles Needed
* Sao Feng
* Tai Huang
* Pintel
* Captain Teague

Other NPC Possibilities
* The Brethren Court: Ammand, Chevalle, Ching, Jocard, Sumbhajee (and his aide), Eduardo Villanueva
* The crew of the Black Pearl (including Marty, Cotton and his parrot)
* The crew of the Dutchman
* The crew of the Empress
* The crew of the Endeavour
* Scarlet and Giselle
* Mullroy and Murtog
* Anyone else you can think of...