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Mal went through the door first, and Will followed closely behind.

He hadn't thought, when it came down to it: he hadn't needed to. He just charged through the door looking for Elizabeth and expecting Tia Dalma's cabin.

He had completely forgotten in his urgency that it's not where he came to Milliways from.

As the daylight hits Will's eyes, the first thing he does is turn around to look for Mal - but the captain's not there. Will worries for a beat, but calms himself and walks on into the familiar Garden, hand resting on his swordhilt.
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Behind him there is the sound of dry pages rustling.

The air is disturbed by the passage of something, probably winged, that flickers at the corner of Will's vision.

All else is silence. There is not even the sound of wind through the bushes that line the path.

"We meet again, young William Turner."

This voice is cool and dry as dust, as the ancient pages he turns in the Book that is older than worlds.

"Sit. Eat. You will be here some time yet."
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"You'll know when your time here is done."

He turns a page calmly.


Destiny is almost always waiting.
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"Aside from ''ware Greeks bearing gifts?'"

It can hardly be counted as a question. But could Will see the face inside Destiny's hood, he might almost imagine a faint smile flickering across thin lips.

Another page turns, and another, as a soft breeze cools the air.

It smells of the sea.

"That is one of the common warnings."
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And Destiny lifts his head from the Book, his blind expressionless face turning toward Will.

"Would you, indeed."

There is nothing in his voice to suggest whether this is a wise course of action or not.

There is another few moments of silence, then Destiny looks back down at the Book, turning another page.

"Many in your time would choose to call that wisdom."
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"When you leave here, as is the case with all who pass through, you will be where you were."

Destiny gives nothing away--unless he chooses.

Another page turns.

"And do you know what you will do, after you have left my Garden?"
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"An ambitious undertaking, to be sure."

That is not to say Destiny is against it. Destiny is, as ever, remarkably neutral about either success or failure, or any of the innumerable roads in between.

"Are you prepared?"
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"Do you."

Destiny closes the Book for a moment, one finger holding his place.

"You seem remarkably comfortable with certainty, William Turner. Some of your acqaintance would counsel wariness on that front."

Destiny is not one of those.

Or is he?

He stands then, letting the Book fall back open. The chain that binds him to it clanks as he shifts away from the table, bare feet leaving no impression on the ground.

He casts no shadow, even in the bright mid-morning sunlight that floods the Garden.

"Have you eaten and drunk your fill, then?"
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Destiny still stands, Book open, reading.

"You might take that with you. Another ship's captain left it some time go. He was a very hot-tempered man, given to impulsiveness and rage. It seems to be a common trait among pirates."
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"The still-living ones, perhaps. Though even they will die, soon enough."

Destiny turns slightly, beginning to pace deeper into the Garden.

"Take the left-hand path, William Turner. It will show you out."