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Will Turner ([personal profile] turned_captain) wrote2007-07-04 01:28 pm

The lakeside

Sometimes forging doesn't quite cut it.

Will didn't look for Elizabeth or Jack after what he saw on the Pearl. He's not looking for them now. He just doesn't know what to say. He does know, however, that he's become steadily angrier and angrier as he thought about what he saw. And more and more unable to focus on his work.

So he closes up the Smithy early and wanders out to the lakeside, staying away from the Pearl even though the ship stays in his sight at all times. Feeding and denying his sense of betrayal.

He needs to do something, and fast.

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She's been wandering by the lakeside quite a lot, wandering in the wet sand with her arms about herself, black eyes fixed on the little bend of lake that almost looks like horizon, until it is interrupted by the great calm mass of woods.

When Will wanders, hurt and anger as clear in his face as they had been the day she lit the candles and brought them to her home, her head snaps up and her eyes narrow, watching.

One hand, near a locket that hangs around her neck, goes very still.

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Her chin lifts, and she waits for him to come to her (they ever do, all of them, come to her in the end) with glittering black eyes and a neutral expression.

Something in her, at the sight of him, murmurs, and a little breeze sighs over the water to tug at her skirts.

"An' here we are, brought together again, William Turner."

It's partly a greeting, but it nearly sounds like a warning.

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She shakes her head; beads rattle in her hair. "I come here."

And not long after he did, but she has stayed much to herself, for all Will sparks her interest. It hadn't been time, but now the time is growing closer. A faint smile touches her lips while she observes his frank face.

So honest, so true.

"So did we all, but we cannot stay. There is work to be done beyond this place."

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Tia Dalma nods, silent, and casts her gaze away from Will and towards the Black Pearl. Her eyes are wistful and the hand at her necklaces clenches, relaxes.

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Another nod, but she glances back towards him, as if daring him to say more.

"But that was not of my doing."

Not this time. "He will not choose to stay long."

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Turning to him, she gives Will a long, gleaming look.

"No." She is never cautious, but with this young man, she knows she much choose her words wisely. "You stay here, where your heart lies."

Quickly, as though she thinks he might change his mind: "An' what would you do, if the door were to open and you be set free again, hm?"

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The movement of his hand catches her eye, and she looks at him sharply before a pleased, coy smile begins to curve her mouth. Water ripples about her feet and her skirts sway, sand slipping beneath her steps as she moves towards him, looking up into his face as though reading something there.

"So loyal, so true," she purrs. A hint of wistfulness crosses her features then, as though something in his face or eyes or words reminds her of some other man, some other time so very long ago, but just as quickly it is gone, replaced by bright and wild delight, some decision made, some accord reached.

With finality: "Such is the destiny, then."

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She begins to reach up to Will's cheek--but checks herself, and a small smile grows on her dark lips.

"Ah," she sighs, with the waves lapping up over the sand, sighing with her.