turned_captain: (the answer's in the middle distance)
Will Turner ([personal profile] turned_captain) wrote2007-06-20 09:49 am

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When he has no pressing mission to embark on, a lot of Will's life becomes routine. He wakes, he practices swordwork on his own, he takes breakfast, he works in the forge - now with added apprentice. At mid-morning he comes down to a pleasant lakeside glade with sword strapped to his belt, ready for his lesson with Elizabeth.

The weather's slowly improving, but it's nothing like the Carribbean. On a good day, like this one, it reminds him of summers in Kent, waving a bulrush around and pretending to fight highwaymen while his mother watched from her bath chair.

His mother isn't the parent on his mind right now, though. Not with Bootstrap's knife weighing down his belt.

Lost in his thoughts, Will stands at the edge of the grass and looks out over the lake to the Black Pearl, waiting patiently for Elizabeth to arrive for her daily lesson.

All in the routine.

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